collage 4 breakfast .heic

I love working with collage as a medium. It makes me feel excited, free and able to explore in ways I can't with a paintbrush. I generally have found I prefer to mix the collages I create with some pen/ paint and pencil. 

I found myself being drawn to want to depict environments around food and eating. I love food and feel very passionate about cooking which has been a huge part of my life so far. This emphasis I find really brings people together. I created the series of collages - At the table - to explore this theme. 

Painting with oils was the first way I really learnt to paint. For a while I became infatuated with painting children's portraits and loved the angelic, porcelain like qualities to children's faces and trying to create this texture with my paint. 

Since then I have explored paint in a more abstract and colourful way choosing water colour as my preferred medium and finding more freedom on my page. Inspired by interiors, nature and  colours. 

Drawing and illustration is the basis of my work. From life drawing to fashion illustration. I love exploring the use of line and how to express myself through different mediums. 

I have always been transfixed my the female form and this has been a centre of focus with a lot of my work so far. 

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I have been using Procreate to explore how I can take my work digitally and have found it incredibly exciting. It has enabled me to work more confidently in the digital space and therefore I could create some really innovative designs and drawings for various clients.


I have created illustrated logos for brands and website illustration as well as providing hand written text to include in a clients website. 



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